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Tips Before Buying A Property: How do I decide on a property?

Remember, deciding a property based on four prime facts. Can you guess what are they? Ok, let me describe you. These four are your Future Plan, Location, Lease and Price.

Take deep look about these four issues.

Tips Before Buying A Property: Your Future Plan

Your future plan is most important part before buying a property. Some question comes before buying a property which is depend on your future plan. Such as you want to take kids in the future. So, you definitely need a bigger house. With three or more rooms. Or a big space to raise your children. Not only that, let me give you an another example. Your job, where are you going to work in the future. You can change your job at anytime. So, before that you need to concern about your planning.


The facilities you want before buying a property is very important. You need to look out the amenities. For example: Your life style, Transport, Natural Park. If you are cyclist, so a property with a park nearest would be great. If you want to care about your kids education a proper


Tips Before Buying A Property

ty near reputed schools would be enough. On the other hand, transportation is matters a lot. A property which is near MRT stations would be sweet for your transportation.

Lease/property age:

There are two popular sectors in condominiums. One is Freehold. Freehold property means that you own that property or condominium forever. One of the freehold property is Leedon Green

Another one is Leasehold. That means the property will be yours for certain years(99 years, like HDB properties). Both has its benefits.


Some good news:

  • Older HDB flats also mean a mature estate with readily available amenities
  • Condominiums with 50 to 60 years remaining on their lease might have en-bloc potential
  • Resale condominiums are generally priced much cheaper than newer ones at the time of purchase.


Price PSF and Quantum



Price per square feet as former amount of measure a property. Though many use PSF as barometer, a low PSF does not always mean a good deal; PSF is the word wide used when comparing properties that are highly similar. PSF becomes irrelevant when comparing Significant different properties.

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